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Man Drinking Alcohol While Driving — DUI Attorney in Cherry Hill, NJ
When you've been accused of DWI/DUI, turn to the Law Offices of Elliot S. Stomel, P.C. in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for DWI representation. Check out some of the frequently asked DWI/DUI questions below for more information about the associated laws.
What is the difference between DWI & DUI?
What are the penalties for DWI in New Jersey?
Will I go to jail if I am convicted of DWI?
What is an ignition interlock device?
Is an interlock device required after a conviction for DWI?
How much does an interlock device cost in New Jersey?
Do I have to install the interlock device on all my vehicles?
Is DWI a criminal charge in New Jersey?
If my New Jersey license is suspended can I obtain a license in another state?
If my New Jersey license is suspended can I obtain a license to go back and forth to work?
If I was convicted of DWI in another state, does that count as a prior conviction in New Jersey for sentencing purposes?
If I am a Pennsylvania driver, will a DWI conviction in New Jersey affect my license?
Can I refuse a police officer's request that I take a breath test?
What are the penalties for refusing to take a breath test?
What if I am charged with both DWI and Refusal to Take a Breath Test?
Is there an advantage to pleading guilty to the charge of "Refusal" instead of DWI?
If I have a prior conviction that is more than 10 years old, can it be used by the Court as sentencing?
If my driving privileges are suspended or revoked at the time of my DWI, how is the additional period of suspension of time calculated?
Can the IDRC make me take additional classes or order additional counseling?
What happens if I do not comply with the IDRC requirements?
What if I am under 21... Are the DWI laws different?
What are the surcharges if I am convicted of DWI?
If the Court suspends my driving privilege, can I be issued a temporary or restricted license to be used for work purposes only?
I know I'm guilty... so what's the point in hiring a lawyer?
Contact our law firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, to learn more about DWIs or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.