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Wonderful Lawyer!

October 27, 2017
Elliot talked me through the process and was there for me through everything. He was able to get my charges down to a much lesser penalty. He is a wonderful lawyer who you can tell really cares about his clients. He even stayed with me to pay my court fees and help me fill out the paperwork. Situations that require needing a lawyer are never pleasant, but Elliot made everything really simple and easy to go through.
— Carly

Reliable and Attentive

October 2, 2017
Elliot Stomel takes the time to listen to your concerns and explain your options and possible outcomes. Unlike some lawyers, he doesn't make you feel like he's rushing to end a conversation with you. Definitly the lawyer you want in your corner when navigating the judicial system.
— Juanita

Elliot does wonders

September 30, 2017
Elliot talked to the prosecutor and worked the best deal possible for me. He was able to get my charge for marijuana dropped down to a municipal charge and I only had to pay a small fee instead of a possible 1k or more!
— Anonimous

skip the rest, pick the best

September 11, 2017
I went through many reviews on many sites of all the attorneys in the South Jersey area, and when it came to the best, Elliot Stomel's name was there at the top. I retained his services to fight a moving violation with a high price fine and points attached to it. Elliot walked me through step by step, on what to expect and how we would find a way to beat this. He was there first in the morning to meet me at the courthouse, never left my side, and I walked away with no points and a minimal fine. If I ever find myself in this predicament again, he will be my first phone call.
— Richard

Elliot the best

September 6, 2017
Elliot really took the time out to help me understand the situation and comforted me throughout the entire process. He is unlike most lawyers who have multiple clients. I was his one client for that moment and his entire focus. He completely helped me out a ton and I thank him so much!
— Al

excellent representation

August 19, 2017
Elliot represented my son. He was professional and stayed with him through a hard time. We were able to get the best outcome with the minimum that was required. I would recommend his legal guidance to anyone. Did a nice job overall
— Greg

Extremely Happy

July 30, 2017
Elliot was professional and upfront from our first meeting. I didn't feel like I was just another client. Like I said he was professional, but at the same time seemed like someone I had known for years.
— Bronson

Decades of experience rolled into a true professional

July 11, 2017
When I called Elliot on the phone originally, he didn't mix any words. He used to be a public prosecutor and now deals 99% with DWI and traffic cases. He told me at the end of the original consultation that "if there was a way out, he was going to find it." I wish I could say there was a way out. Unfortunately for my case, it was pretty cut and dry with no wiggle room to reduce or throw out my DWI. Fortunately for me, Elliot, due to his history practicing law in NJ, had a great rapport built with my judge and prosecutor and he was able to get me the minimums for my DWI and got four (4) other tickets totalling nine (9) points against my license thrown out! I truly believe that Elliot stood by his statement that if there was a way out, he'd find it and he helped relieve an excruciating amount of stress. I had consultations with three other lawyers before contacting Elliot originally and I decided Elliot was the guy for me based on the way he spoke with me. He makes a promise that when it comes to your court date, he won't be representing anyone else but you and he will stay with you until you walk down the courthouse steps. He keeps that promise. His level of legal (and life) advice put my anxious mind at ease more than once throughout the process and (God forbid) if I ever have to go through this again, I'd call him in a heartbeat. He's not the cheapest lawyer but his rate is his rate and he absolutely will not take opportunities to nickel and dime you after charging his initial fee. No games. No hassle. No qualms on my part. There's a reason his score on Avvo is so high. He's truly the best.
— Anonimous

extremely experienced & professional

July 5, 2017
I hired Elliot S. Stomel at my friend's advice. One of her friends had hired him and was very pleased with his representation. Boy was she right! Elliot accompanied me to court for DWI charges. He explained every step of the process in detailed making sure I wasn't lost in court. Thanks to him, I only got a three-month license suspension when it could have been suspended for up to a year. I was very happy with the results and recommend him to everyone without hesitation.
— Rosy
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