Posted by Liz
5 Star Rating
June 1, 2016
Mr. Stomel generously consented to represent my boyfriend and I in a companion case after hearing the worry and concern in our voices. We were concerned we would not be able to afford him but Mr. Stomel set us up with a payment schedule that accommodated us, fulfilled the price of his services and he was well worth our money. If we had gone into court unrepresented, I believe without a doubt that we would have had our lives considerably set back from a mandatory 2 yr license suspension if I was found guilty and probation or possible jail time for my boyfriend. Throughout the entire process from first meeting to the court date itself, Mr. Stomel was by our side and explaining every aspect of the case and what we could expect. He was available through email, text and phone. He is extremely knowledgeable about the laws, why they are in place and what other options are out there. He is familiar with the court systems and has a close relationship with many of the judges and prosecutors from having practiced for many years. His professional abilities and range of knowledge alone was a great comfort. I never felt like I did not have a chance and the hope and comfort that Mr. Stomel provided was simply amazing. We were nervous from day one and he was able to ease our nerves by being honest and straightforward. He was caring, friendly and honest, not qualities generally associated with a lawyer. He was not satisfied unless we were happy and he felt like our case was handled in the best possible manner. He let us know what the best and worst case scenario was and made sure that not having a criminal record was our highest priority, as young adults who had just graduated college. He arrived prior to our day in court and told us the outcome before we had to stand in front of a judge to ease the suspense. He sat with us in court and remained by our side until all fees were paid, we even walked out together. His attention to detail and our needs surpassed my expectations and we did not feel like our case was one of many but had his full attention. If you are wondering if all the reviews are trust worthy, they are. We chose Mr. Stomel from the reviews and are happy to report that our case resulted in the best possible outcome. I did not lose my license when I thought I would and my boyfriend did not have to go on probation. Every situation is different but you can be assured that Mr. Stomel will give your case his best shot and will always be honest with what you can expect, good or bad so that you know what is going on. He told us that after the court hearing we would say "That was it?" because we built it up in our head with our nerves. He knew what he was doing and we did actually say "That was it?" I cannot express how wonderful his services truly were. Thank You Mr. Stomel.


Posted by Kenneth
5 Star Rating
May 31, 2016
  Having never been in trouble, Elliot Stomel took me by the hand and comforted and guided me throughout the entire process. Elliot has decades of experience and is a well-known figure within the South Jersey court system. In the end Mr. Stomel helped me receive the absolute best possible outcome for my case and I couldn't be happier.


Posted by Brittany
5 Star Rating
About a month ago
I happened to cross Elliot's path via Google "top results", and boy, they couldn't have been more accurate. Before entering the courtroom, Elliot more than educated myself on the process, legal terminology and the like. He put me at ease with my case and assured me it would be a breeze. Again, bullseye accuracy. Our case was successfully settled within minutes, but what truly struck me, was the thoughtfulness of this Lawyer, even after the verdict was in. Elliot took the extra time and patience, that sometimes goes unnoticed, to follow up with receipts, emails and a phone call. If ever there is one in need of legal representation, Elliot should most certainly be the person. Eternal thanks for the guidance.


Posted by a client
5 Star Rating
May 15, 2016
  Elliot was recommended to me by a friend who was in a similar situation. I had several charges including a DUI pending in multiple jurisdictions. I knew there was no way I could fight this alone. I was extremely nervous but the moment we sat with Elliot, we knew we were in good hands. The man not only knows his stuff, but more importantly has personal relationships with many of the key players in the court system since he was a prosecutor himself for many years. What especially made me feel at ease come court dates, was that I was his only client while other attorneys had multiple clients in the same courtroom. Needless to say that is a choice Elliot makes for his clients. So to summarize, if you are in a situation where you need to hire a lawyer, Elliot should be your first call.


Posted by Rick
5 Star Rating
About 2 months ago
Elliot was very informative every step of the way. From my initial phone consult, our in office meeting, and up until we left the court together. He was honest and always shot me straight even if it wasn't I wanted to here. He is a man of his word, he said if there was something to work on that he would find it. That he did, found an opening late in the game and used it to better my situation. Elliot answered the phone every time but once when I called, even on that one time he responded in less than an hour. I was also able to text him if it was a simple question and again he would respond promptly. I hope I don't have a reason to retain Mr. Stomel again but if the situation arose I wouldn't call anyone else. Thank you for your time Elliot... Summer can't come soon enough!!


Posted by a client
5 Star Rating
March 30, 2016
  I had never needed a lawyer before so I was extremely nervous about finding a lawyer online, especially since the reviews seemed too good to be true. I am also very skeptical of anything posted on the internet. However, Mr. Elliot Stomel had proven to be a highly effective lawyer. I could not have asked for a better lawyer to represent me, especially due to his outstanding expertise, positive attitude, and life-changing results. I am incredibly grateful for his support throughout the entire process, and I would highly recommend him to anyone in the area. Thanks again!


Posted by a client
5 Star Rating
March 11, 2016
I found Elliot doing an internet search for a lawyer. I did call and speak with a few others. My first phone call was to see if he could help me. Elliot spent a lot of time with me on that call. There was something calming about him. Elliot assured me that he could help. I was very uncomfortable with my situation and Elliot was a calming force every step of the way. He walked me through everything that was going to happed with precision. Most importantly on the day I was to go to court, Elliot was there in advance of me, as he had advised he would be. He stayed by my side and negotiated a great outcome. I would never have had the same outcome if I choose to not hire an attorney and further, being in trouble in Cherry Hill it was reassuring to have an attorney so familiar with the Cherry Hill Courts. Elliott was fair and well worth his fee. After court, Elliot did not leave my side until I left the building. I looked around and no other attorneys stayed by their clients side. I found Elliott very knowledgeable and he discussed several different scenarios for how my case could go. He was very up front and honest with me in a very kind way. The best outcome would have being a dismissal. We did not expect that to happen. The next best option however he was able to make happen. Anytime I needed to call Elliot, he either answered the phone or called me back quickly. I would absolutely recommend Elliot to anyone needing a criminal lawyer. In my book, ELLIOT STOMEL IS THE BEST!!!


Posted by David
5 Star Rating
March 8, 2016
  My experience with Elliot was an extremely positive one. From the very first time we spoke, Elliot was clear and concise in our conversations making sure that we were 100% clear on each step of the process. There were no surprise fees at all, and the whole process was painless. Finally, the end result was more than I could have hoped for. Based on the worst case scenario, and the result that Elliot was able to achieve for me, he paid for himself multiple times over.

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